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something new in an innovative startup environment

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to apply interactive tools and agile methods

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your mindset and gain a new sustainable perspective


Bring the agile cosmos to your team.

Create dynamic work processes and inspiring environments to make your team work more engaged, motivated, and entrepreneurial.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” (Simon Sinek)

Turn your customers into fans and learn how to inspire your audience through storytelling.

Create the new Fantastic Four!

Build on the unique strengths of your employees to enable peak performance and a flourishing collaboration among your team members.

The worm must be tasty to the fish, not the fisherman.

Create customer-centered solutions through empathetically approaching your target group and iterative testing.

Show, don’t tell!

Learn how to integrate tangible elements into your communication to make your messages more comprehensible, exciting, and convincing to your audience.

Your favorite is not on the menu?

We are happy to create a special recipe for success for you. What’s your goal? What’s your need? Leave us a message so we can get in touch with you to discuss the training’s banquet.



Up to your needs. Our top sellers are 2-days trainings.


Our high-tech workshop spaces, your/external venues

Target Groups

Excecutives & Professionals,  Students & Scientists, Founders & Startups

Group Size

Up to your needs. We’ve trained between five and 100 people.


German, English, French


In all our trainings, we aim to use our unique knowledge and skills to provide an experience that is based on your specific needs.






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in each training to help us to stay in time


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that our high-tech workshop MakerSpace offers for prototyping

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Great flexibility: the trainers instantly reacted to upcoming needs and wishes of the participants and adapted the agenda.

Marc, Schneider Electric

Organizer & Participant - Pitching for Sales Teams Training
Perfect balance of participants co-creating the workshop and motivational trainers knowing exactly when to take action.

Julia, Siemens

Organizer & Participant - Agile Basecamp for Siemens
UnternehmerTUM Trainings means to be creative and productive at the same time: the startup spirit and the whole atmosphere are very inspiring.

Iris, BayernFM

Participant - Design Thinking Workshop
There are no excuses - all participants are involved and take part. Impressive teaching method!

Joachim, VDI Technologiezentrum

Organizer & Participant - Prototype your Research Training
After the kick-off workshop, I had the motivation to implement all the discussed ideas into my work routine immediately .

Janosch, Crashtest Security

Participant - Storytelling for Startups Training
Prototype your PHD bridges the gap between theory and practical relevance of your thesis.

René, Chair of Business Ethics

Participant - Prototype your PhD Workshop
Diverse, intensive, inspiring – an enriching experience!

Julia, Faculty of Informatics

Participant - Prototype your PhD Workshop

Success Stories

Selected Trainings

Mission: Create a more dynamic and creative working environment. Get team to act and think in more engaged, motivated, entrepreneurial ways.

Offering: An inspiring journey to the agile cosmos in one day that empowers participants to dive into a new world where they inspire themselves through different agile methods, engage in hands-on activities and take away ideas they will want to apply the next day, and constantly reflect on agile opportunities and limitations that you encounter.

Duration & Time: 1 Day

Participants: 15 participants from a wide range of teams and backgrounds

Status: Successful Pilot in 2017, multiple follow-up trainings in 2018

Mission: Transform even the most abstract and theoretical research topics into perceivable designs.

Offering: In this workshop you learn how to communicate your research successfully to any desired (non-scientific) audience by using tangible models. Learn how to quickly build haptic prototypes of your own research. Apply narrative thinking for creating a convincing story around your research. Get to know new creativity techniques for your daily work and get access to our high-tech workshops at MakerSpace. .

Duration & Time: 2 Days

Participants: About 20 international PhD students from diverse subjects

Example Case: 4 sessions per year in cooperation with the TUM Graduate School in 2017 and 2018

Next workshop dates: July, 5-6; November 8-9, 2018. To register, please send an email to trainings@unternehmertum.de

Mission: Experience Business Design and develop innovative business ideas within your own company context.

Offering: Learn to think and act entrepreneurial and to identify, develop and implement new (digital) business opportunities. Experienced trainers will guide you with methods and tools for identifying market needs, getting to know your target group and customers. Create true value and design innovative business models.

Duration & Time: 2 Days

Participants: About 12 employees from diverse divisions

Example Case: Infineon Business Design Bootcamp 12/2017, adidas Business Design Bootcamp 11/2017

Mission: Enable Startups in the transition from series A to B to manage, finance and communicate growth

Offering: Receive input from our diverse trainers (professors, experts, investors, VC`s) which follow a P2P-learning approach. Get coached in storytelling and storylining and receive feedback during hands-on pitch sessions. Discussions and reflections on  challenges cover the training.

Duration & Time: 2 Days, 2 times per year

Participants: About 20 participants – C-level, MD, founders from Startups (Pre Series B), members from the Deutsche Börse Venture Network®

Example Case: 2017 Executive Training for Early Select companies from the Deutsche Börse Venture Network®

Mission: Take decisions based on what future customers really want and achieve innovative solutions by making use of the designers’ toolkit

Offering: Transform the way you develop products, services, processes, and strategy. Learn how to use empathy, synthesis, creative tools, experimentation, testing and iteration to tackle your ideas and projects and address your challenges. We work hands-on and based on your current tasks and we consistently reflect on possibilities for the transfer to your team, business and daily work

Duration & Time: 1-5 Days

Participants: Product managers, engineers, leaders, marketing and other professionals from different branches and disciplines | 10 – 40 participants

Example Case: 2018: 1-day workshop with managers of the Digital Hub initiative to develop new innovation formats

Video Impressions

More Information about Prototype your PhD.

Next workshop dates: July 5 - 6; November 8 - 9, 2018. To register for the workshop, please send an email to trainings@unternehmertum.de 



Core Team

Trainer Ines


Ines’s mission is to ensure the best facility for change to our customers. As co-founder of UTUM Trainings, she constantly advances our trainings through latest insights from business & science.



Simone thrives on unlocking the participants’ potential with new methods and insights. Being an experienced cultural change manager, she is passionate about creating positive momentum in small and big companies.



Coming from a neuro science background, Anna is intrigued by the persuasive power of storytelling in effective communication. She loves to unveil its impact with participants in trainings.

Trainer Oliver


As a co-founder, and head of UnternehmerTUM Education, Oliver has the answers to the “WHY”, “HOW”, & “WHAT”- questions about creating new companies & driving business innovation.

Wellbeing Wonder: Naomi


Plenty experience in event management led Naomi to the top of administrative proficiency. With her “6th sense” she manages to fit both the needs of our team and of our customers.

Susanne Bürglen - Werkstudentin at UnternehmerTUM Trainings


As alumna of our UTUM Education courses, Susanne knows the key elements of Rapid Prototyping inside and out. In workshops, she makes sure everything is on the spot.

+ Network

To best meet your needs, numerous experts from our eco-system augment our trainer pool in specific fields of expertise such as business creation, tech transfer, future markets & more.


At UnternehmerTUM Trainings you’ll find yourself surrounded by an innovative ecosystem that is unique in Europe. Have a look at which benefits this entrepreneurial hub has to offer to you.



with a scalable high tech business model take off per year


help startups and corporates succeed

Tech projects

get launched every year


graduate from UnternehmerTUM programs every year

Project alumni

form an extensive network
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